14 Ordinary rooms that people used their DIY skills to turn into works of art

July 2nd, 2020

Our homes are our sanctuaries. They should be a place where we can go for peace and relaxation. Therefore, it’s important that we create a space that gives us just that.

It’s a proven fact that everything from the colors to a room to the amount of “clutter” in it, affects our mood. For example, according to Psychology Today, there are 8 reasons why clutter causes stress. Some of these reasons include anxiety, frustration, and even the inability to create.

What it comes down to is, physical clutter creates mental clutter.

Like cluttered rooms, the color of the room creates certain moods as well. Darker colors can make a room feel smaller while lighter and lighter colors can make a room appear larger and brighter. In addition, every color brings about different feelings and moods.

With that being said, it’s important to take your time when decorating your rooms. While it can certainly feel overwhelming, it can also be fun. But don’t take our word for it, check out some of these 14 rooms that reflect their homeowners’ individual personalities.

1) Painted ceilings

This space looks extremely cozy! Just look at that ceiling. The best part? She and a friend painted it themselves!

2) All mine

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Reddit/HeresW0nderwall Source: Reddit/HeresW0nderwall

“My apartment is teeny tiny but it gets the job done and it’s the first space I’ve had that’s ever been mine and mine alone :)”

3) Seoul

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Reddit Source: Reddit

Anybody else have a lo-fi beat kick into their head? This looks super relaxing.

4) The balcony

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Reddit/HugeUtsch Source: Reddit/HugeUtsch

The view from up here is great. It might be small but it definitely feels like being on top of the world.

5) The Black Room

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Reddit/shawnstwocents Source: Reddit/shawnstwocents

“Never paint a room black” they said.

Very well done! The brown and green tones really tie the room together.

6) What an upgrade!

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Reddit/nastyanatomynerd Source: Reddit/nastyanatomynerd

“Finally, after 6 years living in cinderblock hell that’s called a dorm room, I have a cozy bedroom!”

7) Living room in Japan

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Reddit/Stornow4y Source: Reddit/Stornow4y

Who wouldn’t want that view?! To wake up and be able to step out into the balcony with a coffee or tea in hand, while overlooking a mountain, would be magical.

8) A teen’s room

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Reddit/alrightcam Source: Reddit/alrightcam

This look very similar to Peter Parker’s bedroom, no?

9) A storage room turns into an office

What a cozy office space!

10) Redecorating

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Reddit/bigbassbanjobaby Source: Reddit/bigbassbanjobaby

“My partner passed away a year ago and I finally rearranged our living room and put some of his stuff away and it’s feeling pretty cozy and bright.”

11) A cozy backyard

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Reddit/Ridered26 Source: Reddit/Ridered26

“My wife built this. I just carried everything. I love her.”

What handy work!

12) Kitty-approved

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Reddit/sukiicat Source: Reddit/sukiicat

If the cat likes it, they love it.

13) When boredom kicks in

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Reddit/fizzelixir Source: Reddit/fizzelixir

“Quarantine boredom got me acting like a whole interior designer.”

Many people are taking on projects during quarantine and we’re here for it.

14) Theater mode activated

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Reddit/markoshino Source: Reddit/markoshino

Now, this is how you watch a movie! Those large windows make for a unique space for a makeshift movie theater. It feels like an outdoor movie experience.

Did any of these inspire you to redesign any of your rooms?

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