She spent $20 to make stylish curtain rods from PVC pipes

September 22nd, 2020

Mom’s got some clever tricks up her sleeve.

Shelley Detton’s an artist, designer, and mother. Her recent project’s perfect for the frugal spender.

Shelley just built a new curtain rack out of recycled goods, namely PVC pipe and reused fabric.

Seriously, check out her homey new workspace!

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7 Layer Studio Source: 7 Layer Studio

Here’s the kicker: the project only cost $20!

$20 is an absurdly low price to pay for a new curtain setup!

So what’s her secret? How’d she pull it off?

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Pexels/Caleb Oquendo Source: Pexels/Caleb Oquendo

It took a little out-of-the-box thinking, some black spray paint, and a few bucks worth of PVC pipe.

Shelley uses cheap goods to craft something greater than the sum of its parts.

Momma knows what she’s doing.

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DIY projects predicated on simple household and recyclable goods can yield fantastic results.

How’d she get her PVC pipes looking like tasteful, metal curtain rods? She’s a décor wizard, that’s how.

“I painted the pipes black with spray paint that’s especially designed for plastic, and I only had to buy 2 unfinished finials for either end of the curtain rods (which I also painted black, obviously).”

That’s brilliant!

We should all carry this thinking into our next DIY project.

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Who wants to spend hundreds or thousands of unnecessary dollars on home décor, anyway?

Yeah, nobody. Neither did Shelley.

“I didn’t want to spend a fortune on these walls, and I wanted the drapes to completely cover the space between the windows, so I knew I could get away with the 45 angle PVC couplers and the super cheap curtain rod brackets.”

That’s how it’s done.

Needless to say, the results are flawless. She’s crafted a simple, elegant workspace from next to nothing!

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7 Layer Studio Source: 7 Layer Studio

Move over Man Cave, meet the Mom Cave!

Her creation’s as innovative as it is deceptive.

To the unsuspecting eye, it’s impossible to tell that her curtains were made with PVC pipe and recycled fabric!

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Pixabay/pisauikan Source: Pixabay/pisauikan

Tastefully furnishing your home’s a breeze if you know what you’re doing and where to look!

Besides the obvious environmental benefits, recycling can save you a fortune!

Environmentally friendly is cost-effective!

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Pixabay/Clker-Free-Vector-Images Source: Pixabay/Clker-Free-Vector-Images

For your next DIY home project, consider using recyclable material or integrating things you already have. It could save you time and money!

That trash may be treasure.

Here’s Shelley’s final cost breakdown:

“The whole rod setup for those 3 windows, including the pipes, brackets, spray paint, and finials, ended up costing about $20 – and $5 of that was for the spray paint!”

There’s no denying that these curtains fill out the perfect workspace!

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7 Layer Studio Source: 7 Layer Studio

All things considered, PVC pipe doesn’t seem like a bad choice.

The material’s resistant to corrosion and deterioration brought on by fungi and bacteria.

They say they’re many ways to skin a cat. Well, that example’s a little too… gruesome for my tastes.

Instead, they are many ways to eat a kiwi.

See what I did there?

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Pexels/mv p Source: Pexels/mv p

Shelley prefers the simple, frugal kiwi.

For just a few bucks, she was able to craft a homey curtain rack with her own hands! She transformed her workspace into something magical with a spare $20!

Good work, Shelley. We could all learn from this mentality.

Who doesn’t want quality for less?

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Pexels/ Source: Pexels/

Well, Shelley’s good to go. She’s never been so productive.

The workspace has a calming ambiance to it, tied together by her DIY black curtain rods.

So what do you think of Shelley’s innovative design? I wonder what other innovative projects she’s completed.

Do you have any noteworthy home hacks? You can do a lot with spare PVC.

To get the juices flowing for your next project, check out the video on PVC pipe ideas in the player below!

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