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These DIY outdoor Christmas gnomes prove there's no place like 'gnome'
These aren't your traditional gnomes!
Luis Gaskell

Garden gnomes might sit on your lawn all year, but they’re just as great for Christmas decorations as front porch lights or a tree.

Think about it, they already have that Santa aesthetic, with the long white beard and pointy hat. Why’d it take people this long to put a Christmas spin on them?

If you’re aching for some Christmas Gnome inspiration, then fear not! Here’s some ideas put together for you already.

You should really trim your beard. You’re starting to look like a tree.

But that’s really the idea! Take a normal Christmas tree and slap a Santa hat, nose and some gloves on it. It’s minimalism at its finest. To tackle one of these projects, you’re going to have to strip down the idea of a Gnome to its bare essentials

Better hold up a sign just in case.

And mixing things up, we have a lumberjack pattern for the hat and gloves on this one. The perfect pattern to go with a tree, naturally. Note the shaggier “leaves” used for the beard. That’s a great way to detail, even if it’ll take people a few seconds to notice.

“I’m a Gnome gnonsense kind of person.”

With steps as simple as dropping a hat and some gloves on a tree, it’s no surprise that it’s catching on. Plus, you won’t have to risk exposure while going out to buy ornaments. A truly creative compromise, no?

Those vanilla plastic garden gnomes are always cute, but where’s the fun in a premade gnome?

Size limit? What’s that?

DIY Outdoor Gnomes

Posted by Smithtown Moms onThursday, November 19, 2020

Of course, you can flip the switches and use the tree as the hat, with the beard coming from some place else. Doesn’t matter how big you want to go either!

It’s like a Build-a-Bear but with parts from Hobby Lobby and Walmart.

You can get as crafty as you normally do with Christmas ornaments and cards! The only limit is your imagination. Want to put birds on its head? Give him a woodcutter’s axe? No one’s stopping you.

With Christmas trees coming in sizes ranging from “Desktop size” to “How do we fit this in the house?”, this means just as much room for creativity when making them over into Gnomes.

You can even have a large one surrounded by a bunch of smaller gnomes if you have the time and resources. A “Boss Gnome”, if you will.

Posted by Sioux Valley Greenhouses onMonday, November 4, 2019

Though if you’re thinking “But wait, I want to try this, but don’t feel like buying a Christmas tree just for this”, then you can stop worrying.

There’s another way!

The secret is in tomato plant wire. Just acquire some pine branches, either buy them or pick them somewhere yourself and fasten them to the plant wire. Any vaguely nose-shaped object will do, like a potato or a Christmas ball.

An incredibly handy tutorial is on YouTube. Gathering all the materials to make one from scratch might even be a whole lot more affordable than buying a whole small Christmas tree!

It’s as simple as fastening the top of the plant wire with some elastic bands, some more bands for the fig leaves, a potato for the nose, and a hat to top things off.

Here’s a suggestion : make a whole load of them and put them all around your yard!

YouTube screenshot
YouTube screenshot

I wonder what people will think of next! Reindeer made of pinecones maybe? The sky’s the limit when you realize the freedom you have. Give the tutorial a watch, and give it a hand yourself!

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By Luis Gaskell
Luis Gaskell is a contributor at SBLY Media.