Showy ‘Gold Nugget’ hens and chicks change vibrant colors in changing sunlight

April 27th, 2021

Floral Fantasy

Gardens are all the rage for the modern homebody. It’s a humbling experience being able to cultivate a living, breathing family of nature’s finest gems.

Not only that, but it even gives the coziest company whenever you’re feeling like hiding away from people.

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Not all plants are created equal.

If you can’t afford to give a plant much of your time, then a succulent may be right for you. One in particular, referred to as the “Gold Nugget” Hens and Chick plant, is very interesting due to its sunshine aesthetic.

Incredibly, not many people have heard of this beautiful plant.

For such a pretty flower, it’s odd that it hasn’t become more known as a household name.

It’s a cute drought-tolerant perennial Sempervivum, which means it can last a very long time even with low maintenance.

The large rosette comprises the “Hen” while the smaller rosettes are called the “Chicks”.

It’s very easy to transplant them and have other new plants join in.

You can place them in the bathroom, kitchen, or just about anywhere you’d like to give a more natural glow.

The best part is they grow more vibrant with changes in the sun.

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The golden color really brings out a ray of positivity and cleanses the room of any negativity. During seasonal shifts, things start to change a bit for the plant.

Petals turn bright green color as summer approaches then vibrant red in fall and winter.

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Decorate rock gardens, wall plantings, borders, and even ground covers.

The options are virtually limitless when you have such a pretty plant to go with anything.

When you first purchase it, be advised that it usually will appear in a standard green color since it was in fact cultivated at a greenhouse.

Just wait until some sunlight begins pouring in and then you’ll see the plant start changing colors in no time!

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It’s recommended that you place them by the window or an area where sunlight is abundant so that they can mature and flourish into healthy succulents.

Once they get their initial nutrients, it’s a breeze to sustain them.

Need a gift for mom? Give her the gift of Hens and Chicks.

You can’t go wrong with gifting this gorgeous little treasure. It can take little space in anyone’s home and it really is no inconvenience since it’s pretty easy to maintain.

You can even cultivate your own succulent garden and freshen it up with this selection.

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Once the succulent matures, its beauty will attract all eyes in the room. It’s a common thing for these little guys to steal the show anywhere they’re planted.

The golden color stands out vividly.

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This succulent is definitely worth every penny.

From the fact that it has a very, very long lifespan to its mesmerizing color palette, it’s no mystery that the Gold Nugget Hens and Chicks succulent has stolen the hearts of many across the world.

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