12 money-saving Costco tips that’ll help you make the most of your visit
I had no clue what an asterisk on a price tag meant - but now I'll be watching for them!
Maxim Sorokopud

Everyone knows that Costco has some great deals. But it can be hard to work out what’s really worth spending your hard-earned cash on. These tricks will ensure shopping success!

Shopping at Costco is a double-edged sword.

Yes, they have some amazing deals. But did you really need to buy 20 pounds of kale? It seemed like it made sense at the time. But in a few weeks, that sure is a lot of mush in the fridge.

With a few clever tips, you can ensure that you never waste your money at Costco again.

1. Get an eye exam there

YouTube Screenshot - The Rachel Cruze Show
YouTube Screenshot - The Rachel Cruze Show

The optical section of Costco offers eye exams for just $65, without a membership. That price is pretty hard to beat elsewhere. Of course, you have no obligation to buy a pair of glasses there. Author and speaker
Rachel Cruze recommends this fantastic tip!

2. Take advantage of their free perks

If you’re not yet a member of Costco, or know someone who isn’t, then they may be eligible for getting a free gift card for joining. The store offers gift cards for students, medical professionals and military personnel (and their family) who become members.

3. Get your prescriptions at Costco

YouTube Screenshot - The Rachel Cruze Show
YouTube Screenshot - The Rachel Cruze Show

You can save an amazing 85% on prescriptions if you’re a member. It’ll be hard to find cheaper prescriptions elsewhere (This also applies to pet prescriptions.) It’s really a smoking deal.

4. Keep an eye out for price drops to get the difference refunded

Costco business center

If you bought something, and its price drops within 30 days of your purchase, then Costco will give you back the difference in price. And yes, you do get to keep whatever you bought. Of course, you’ve got to keep a lookout to make this work for you!

5. The best deals are often priced so that they end with a seven or a single nine


If something is being sold for, say, $12.99, then that’s probably a similar price to what you’ll find elsewhere. But if it’s priced at $12.49 (or 59, etc), then that means that it’s a special manufacturer price that is possibly only on offer at Costco. And items that are priced with a 7 at the end are clearance items!

6. Buy gift cards for other businesses at Costco

Believe it or not, but Costco often sells $100 gift cards for $80. Of course, you don’t want all of those gift cards. But if you go to the spa or a particular restaurant on a regular basis, then buying one of these gift cards is just paying less for something you’d usually pay full price for!

7. Do your food shopping at the frozen section


This makes sense when you think about it. If you’re shopping for bulk food items, then the chances are that you need that food to last for a while. Naturally, frozen food is most likely to last until you eat it!

8. If you buy an electronic item there, you can get free tech support

Passport Flat SCreens

Best Buy has the Geek Squad. But they charge you for their services. Not so with Costco’s tech support!

9. Buy gas at Costco

Costco gas on 10/24/08

Gas prices at Costco tend to be around 20 cents cheaper per gallon than most gas stations in their state. So fill up, even if your tank is no way near empty! After all, gas prices are going crazy.

10. Know when the stuff you need will be on clearance.

Costco puts certain items on clearance at different times of the year. For instance, you’re likely to get a good deal on winter clothes, kitchen storage items and office supplies in January. In May, they discount their mattresses. After the 4th of July, furniture is on sale. Later in the month of July, back-to-school stuff is pretty cheap.

11. Always look at Costco’s monthly ad before visiting the store

It pays to do your research. The monthly ad will show you what the deals are before you get there. And that’ll stop you from wondering if the item is always that cheap.


12. Look for an asterisk on the sign

An asterisk means that the item has been deleted. Basically, that means that the store won’t be restocking the item, at least for a while. So if you’re wondering what items to hold off on, now you know what won’t still be there later on! It’s also likely at Costco’s lowest price too.

Wanna learn more money-saving Costco tips? Check out what Rachel Cruze has to say in the video below!

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By Maxim Sorokopud
Maxim Sorokopud is a contributor at SBLY Media.