If you’re not as neat and tidy as you’d like to be, these 10 tips will help you hide it
Sometimes you just need to manage the mess.

I’m not going to lie – I’m the master of clutter. Not actually having mastery OVER it, of course. More like the master of accumulating it, getting frustrated about it, proceeding to look for items to help store it, and then just neglecting it.

You’re not alone if your cords, routers, pet supplies, kitchen utensils, etc. are laying out in an unsightly way and you haven’t done anything about it.

But if you’d like to get better, we found some great ideas. And if a really productive alien happens to take over my body, I’d love to try some of these too!

1. Calm the cord chaos

Some cords are nearly impossible to hide. But others lend themselves to some clever solutions like this one.

All it requires is a storage box with a hole cut in the back. It would be perfect to hold chargers!

2. Consider a cake stand

We love cake stands and we definitely don’t eat enough cake to keep them in use all the time.

But one kitchen hack we love is to use your cake stand for dish supplies that would otherwise just sit in or beside the sink.

This looks so much more purposeful and pretty! Kia from Interior Styling with Fab has the right idea!

3. Hang it up

So, it’s one thing if you have a broom closet, where you can just shove your cleaning supplies. But if you’re standing up mops and brooms in a corner (or slot beside your fridge) when they’re not in use, you might consider just tidying them up a bit.

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Even if you put them in a closet or hallway, don’t these hangers make them look so much neater?

We love this idea from Andrea of The Unassuming Home!

4. Simply see-through

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We’re going to borrow one more idea from Andrea since she got such a great shot of this over-the-door storage/shoe organizer repurposed to hold all those things that overflow from our medicine cabinets.

We can totally see putting this on the inside of a closet door. Now everything is easy to see and locate when needed!

5. Go vertical

If you’re anything like me, the cabinet where you store pots and pans can get a little chaotic. I’m not sure how it happens, but I know there has to be a better solution.

And while my pots and pans aren’t beautiful enough to hang on the wall or from the ceiling in my kitchen, this inspiration from a pantry space via Embrace Your Space is perfect!

6. Consider a cornice

Not everyone has windows that are lovely on all 4 sides and the top can be a special kind of problem if you’re dealing with ugly curtain rods (or holes from previous ones).

Janis Snell of the blog Haven chose such a happy pattern to bring new life to her room that we had to use it as an example.

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You can build something more elaborate, build something out of those pieces of foam crown molding, or even just use velcro tape to affix a nicer piece of material over the top.

7. Bin it

Ok, trust us on this one. If you add tiny trays to any drawer, it will immediately seem more organized.

You can even continue to throw stuff in it haphazardly – but for some reason, those little trays really do make you feel neater.

8. Go back to school

Remember your days in elementary school when your desktop flipped up and you could store your notebooks and supplies in it?

How did we forget about that perfect organizational hack?

Just think about all of the things you could get out of your way if you had a desk with some storage like this!

9. Give shoes the boot

Nearly everyone has a pile of shoes near the door. And nearly everyone wishes they didn’t have to look at it.

There are all sorts of elegant built-in solutions, but if you’re the type to kick your shoes off and forget them, keep organization simple by just keeping some pretty baskets near the door to chuck them in. We love this style by Otas Interiors.

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10. Clean it later, cover it now

We all get dirty stovetops. And we don’t always have time to scrub and shine them right away.

That’s why we love the idea of stove covers. And the best part is that they double as cutting boards!


Some storage solutions are either too elaborate or too silly to make use of. But we figured we’d give you two of our favorites anyway.


Ah yes, we’ll get right on that

This is no weekend project, but it’s one of my favorites – the one that I’d love to have someone come into my house and carry out.

Those drawers might end up cluttered too, but at least the clutter would be somewhere I couldn’t see it!

One for the garage

Now, if you’re a Bob Marley fan with a good sense of humor, you can always forgo hiding cords and hoses in favor of displaying them with flair!

I saw a picture of an IT cable management example on the front page, though I would share.

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